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Sep 16, 2010 12:30am EDT
that break bernstein and patricia jessamy. but bernstein leads 49-47 percent. and keith daniels is live at he city board of elections,,where the remaining ballots will be %-keith? >>well, jeff, all the primary votes have been counted. but now eeection officials have to deal withhabsentee ballots. now the final primary vote tally shows challenger bernstein with a lead of 1000 votes over incumbent patricia jessamy. bernstein said tonight that he is pleasee with the final results but said he is not claiming victory, and patricia jessamy, is not conceding. earlier today both sides were anxiously awaiting for those election officials talked about3 ú%at may have caused the delay. -> we hired 2000 people to do a one day job. it could be human error. they leave them. and in the polllng place, put them in the supply bag. so there are things that challenges, you know, oot there. of course,,that's why the process is not complete until we ggt to the 100 percent mark. >> well election officials say more than 3600 democrats in baltimore applied for absennee ballots. 21 of the ballots haae already -
Sep 6, 2010 11:00pm EDT
. keith daniels at the college park campus where they are having three mugings in one week. >> police have arrested two %-15-year-old. case, including a but they are still looking for more suspects. and so a warning from campus poliie tonight for students to stay vigilant. now the latest happened at 2:00 sunday morning. police say the student was walking alone, on hartwick road suspectssbeat ann robbed him. >> it is frustrating. very frustrating. because you now, you think why would omebody assault a student? i mean they don'' have a lot of money. >> robbery follows two other recent attacks, including an august 29th incident with three five suspects, at a university shuttle bus stop. on august 277h they assaulted three students getting into a car in a hotel parking lot. again, two arrests already made in this case. burpolice warn eight more suspects are still on the loose. in coolege ark, keith daniels,3 fox 45 news "late edition". >> baltimore county police shoot a suspect, at a shopping center. itthappened at about 8:00 this morning in randallstown.ú kings point square. someone calle
Sep 10, 2010 5:00am EDT
messy attempts but a glen burnie man is one of the latest lottery winnerr. keith daniels tells us that the3 man almost missed out on his win being ticket. threw away his >>> ddnise coold be considered ú very lucky man. heewas a winner and then looser -p>>> he issa salesman in mmn'sú he retrieved a winning ticket before ittwas too late. hh scratched off a black cherry doubler winning ticket several months go but waited to redeem and didn't want to spend the winnings all at once. he put the ttcket on a dvv caae apaatment but after a ew days, he rralized thh case was won. >> i don't know what happennd but i couldn't find the dvd case and tore thee ouse apart. >> reeorter: at a last resort he wept to the trash can and searched everr trass can that looked like hat. no luck. on the 3rd trr, two mainteeance workers saw him search and asked. -p>> he asked me what i had lost ú%d it was the 10,000 ticket..3 i thought he was bluffing, you know. >> so i kept on going. >> reporter: but barton returred and sift through garbage looking for a white trash bag fillee with dvd. >>i stumbled
Sep 15, 2010 5:30pm EDT
for now. we're live in downtown baltimore, keith daniels, fox 45 news at 5530. >>> the baltimore county race for executive, but a winner has been declared with 94% of all precincts reporting. councii men bartonfelder conceded. he says bartonfelder called him to morning to congratulate him. he spent more than $1 million on %-touuhdown spent on >> it's really time that we put baltimore county to heal our division, join togetter because3 once again i believe that we will bb democrats united. >> e will face kkn holt in nnvember's general election. >>> the o'malley-eerlich rematch is on come november seeond. former governor and urrent governor easily won their primaries tuesday night. both believe theyywill make the bess candidate to be the next governor of the ssate of maryland. >> duuing a ery serious time people want serious people conveyiig serious messages onn3 serious issuessabout their life. that's why the volunteers are showing up because we're serious about fixing this statt. >> look, these have been huff years but we've been making progress even through these tough years
Sep 3, 2010 10:00pm EDT
of maryland waters. where it was found, straight %->>> and i'm keith daniels. a tripll shooting in southweet baltimore. a woman is dead. why witnesses believe her husband may have been the -arget. we'll have that storyycoming upp temperatures down this weekend. how low they will go i my skywatch forecast. >>> fox 5 news, thissyear'ss3 winner of eight e >> a woman is killed in a tripleeshooting triggered by a possible dispute over drugs.ú keith daniels live at city police headquarters where police say a lost stash could ery well be the reason hybrid th behind the deadly attack.ú keith? neighborhood tonight talking to3 witnesses, looking for clues. it's a deedly case that's less than 24 hours old, and that suspect remains on the loose. it happened outsidd this home n the 500 block of east lynn avenue. a triple shooting with one woman dead. she lived at thii house where bulllts pierced the front porch violence, neighbors say, in a troubled neighborhood. baltimmre zoo. >> reeorter: investigators re trying to determine exaccly what happennd, but here's what weú know so far. ú%lice arrive
Sep 1, 2010 5:30pm EDT
the state of maryland. arresttd including the suspecced drug kingpin. tonight the searchhfoo $11ú keith daniels has the story. >> reporter: detecttvvs laaeled stephen blackwwll as the ring leader of this heeoin distributiin ripping.3 they say he committed as much violence as he made money. spears o distribute heroin. according to the indiccment the drug operatiin began in 2000 nd sttetchhd froo baltimorr to new york to thh dominican republic. prosecutors ccll itta iolent operation with one act linked to &-dealerss pened fire at aal backyard barbecue in eest -e's in custody n nnw york tonight after a lengthy investigation. >> often undercover investigations where you're using either cooperating crimmnals out on the street or federal aggnts who arr operating or purporting to ruu &-the $10 mmllion in drug monee, they will sees assets nnluding real esttte and the $740,000 home they say blackwell owns. keith danieess fox 45 nnws at 5:30. >> thank you, keith. >>> police make an arrest after a body is found in the innerúha. ú&lice arested 20-year-ood wayne black in 2008. pu
Sep 29, 2010 5:30pm EDT
for about 2003 minutes and hen move on to the next location. keith daniels, fox 45 news at@ 5:30. >>> thhy bite and breed right in your own bed. bedbugs are becoming such a nuisance in the city of baltimore, the city is taking melinda roeder explains how they aae trying to exterminate them. -p>> reporter: these bugs are tough to detect and nearly impossible o get rid of unless youuknow the proper steps to@ take. the city is hosting proper forums. half the problem is jjst identifying the source, ooten a neighbor's home since many outbreaks occur in apartments and row homes and the bug can crosswalks in walls.mall >> he irst thiig i did when i founddout was i knocked on my neighbor's doors. when i heard my next door neighbor had them for three years, been using the foggers and sprays, nothinggwas working. the longer you wait, the orst infestation is. >> reporter: killing the bugs usually requires several extermination treatments but can be one with proper washing, steam cleaning and using special powders, you can contact the health department for more information if you think you've got
Sep 15, 2010 10:00pm EDT
, as you can see, separate bernstein and jessemy but bernstein leads 49 to 47 percent. keith daniels is live at the city board of election, where the remaining ballots will be tallied. keith? >>weel, jeff the race is so ttght it raises the significance of absentee ballots, latest turn in tte race, after workers here at the election board struggledú so hard, to get all of the primary ballots counted. >> at the city boord of elections, direct armsttad polling place in the city state's attorney race. no jones said, but >> no problems at all, other than rumorssmaybe that things are issing. %-everything is accounted for. >> the boord of elections, now reporting, that 100 percent of the primary bbllots have been counted.ú with challenger greg bernstein ú%ging out incumbent patricia patricia jessamy by 1300 votes. but to be clear, paaricia jessamy has not conceded the race. however, require campaign spokeswoman released this statement that reads ii part. we stand by the democrattc the campaign feeling it is nota. exactly over. relying, perhaps, on absentee ballots. election
Sep 1, 2010 10:00pm EDT
three people are under arrest, including the suspected keith daniels standing by live from the federal courthouse on these arrests and the search for $10 million, in drug money. keith? prosecutors have thel indictments, now they areegoing after the cash. they say the leader of this -roup committed as much violence, as he made monny. >> this is the face of the man that authorities have labeled the king pen, of a violent drug ring. he is 26-year-oll stephen blackwell of elkton. blackkell and 2 other women, tiara carter and joy edison, are in jail, facing a federal charge of conspiracy to distribbte heroin. now, according to the indictment federal prosecutors want toú seize $10 million in drug money from he trio. if they cannot cough up the cash, prosecutoos will seize real estate, whicc could include a $740,000 home, blackwell owns, on the elk river. >> if we do not do that, we wind uu n a situation wheee defendant may serveetime in prison, come back home and in dollars home he put in his family names. >> prosecutors say the drug ú%eration began in 2003 and %-york, and the dominican
Sep 2, 2010 10:00pm EDT
information n where the storm will go. and keith daniels joins uu with a look at the preparations being made across the state. >> weather conditions are getting worse as we speak as earl gets closer. banks of north carolina where people are already evacuated %-there.eeof the islands down but we begin in maryland. %-ocean city.anding by live in jeff, whht is it like out thhre aa this hour?ú >>well, right now, all eyes are on the shoreline here in ocean city. this storm is expected to whip through the area b 3:000in the morning and 3:00 in the afternoon. and whhle city leaders don't expect devastation, they do expect damage. >> by mid afternoon, only surfers were allowed in the waters of ocean city. ú%ange is on the way. >> you can feel it in the water before you feel it outside. >> at marinas there is no time to waste. boats are moving toohigher ground. nothing is left to channe. >> if you don't get your boat of the water you run the risk of it sinking. >> we wiil have the inds. rain is not an vent. >> city leaders believe they will escape the worst of itt but they are preparing for 60 mi
Sep 23, 2010 10:00pm EDT
in the killing belleve their %-flawed investigation. of a >> keith daniels live at the %-detective was back on the tad today, keith, what can you tell us tonight in. >>well, jeff and jjnnifer, the detectives's name is donald deal, he finished the testimony today for prosecutors. then defense attorneys attacked. during cross examination. >> the lead detective invvstiggting the coming of spent moss of the day in courtn thursday. giving jurors a play-by-play of investigation. the homicide defense attorneys argued that police mmde missakes. mishandled the investigation, and evidence in the case. >> there was a picture on the -- one of the surveillance videos of a oung lady that, in my opinion, was there. but even though the detective, the primarr detective drove all the way up to upstate new york tt talk to somebody, he never bothered to find out who the person was in the ideo. >> charles mcganey, gary collins and jerome williams, all charged death during a robbery at the new haven lounge jazz club in september of 2008. in court,,prosecutors showed jurors surveillance video, and photographs.
Sep 14, 2010 11:00pm EDT
run a high profile campaign.3 for weeks now. keith daniels joins us live from pikesville with the situation at the kevin kamenetz campaign headquarters. keith how does it look there? expected to come downstairs, come down here and greet hese troops, in about two minutes. his supporters and fund raisers are hhre. standing bb. waiting to hear from their candidate. now, they are release what i think they call unofficial numbers. -hese are campaiin numbers from the campaign. they say with 133 precincts reporting out of more than 200, kevin kamenetz has gathered 60 percent of the vote. so, as far as they are concerned, thhre is cerrainly reason to e optimistic. -gain, you have fund raisers here, supporters here, they have the balloons here, they are waiting for their ccndidate to come down. at last check, two minutes. i know kevin kameeetz was waiting until he received more definitive numberr. i thought i saw him coming through the doors.3 anyway, moreedefinitive numbers before he speaks. again, the energy now is up. the mood upbbat. and, of course, optimistic. two minutes t
Sep 8, 2010 10:00pm EDT
to cancel the event and what the paator is saying about them. >> and i am keith daniels, a maryland lawmaaer under fire tonight. why he may be accussd oo taxú fraud. we will have that story coming up. this droid has evolved to do even more. now it integrates your work e-mail, so you can be hooked up to everything you need to do. now it does 1 ghz speed on a more intuitive keyboard. turning you into an instrument of efficiency. introducing the new droid 2 by motorola. part of the next generation of does. >> is the maryland lawmakerr33 taking unfair advantage f tax laws. baltimore city and the ccunty. keith? city and county taxpayyrs money. senator george della jr. admiis he may have viollted tax laws. but tonight he said heedid nnt become aware of the problemm3 until ecently.3 >> maryland senator george della jr.. at his baltimore city homm on ast hamburg street. >> this is here i liie and how i live. >> dellll giving a tour of hiss3 home. proof he says that he lives where he said he lives. >> this, ladies and gentlemen, is thh room that i sleep in. >> check the towels, see if they >> de
Sep 21, 2010 10:00pm EDT
accused of taking verra playground. keith daniels is standdng by live at he park where local churches and city hall have all joined in the city clean up effort. keiih? >>well, jeff, live on aiken street at lafayette avenue, a spot looking more like a play ground. ú%ke a look behind me over here. it is another kind of game happening heee at this hour in a place where they say, that the drug game dominated the court. it is children and the playground tonight. part of a neighborhood clean up. >> sylvestee tool social security part of the clean up crew. at the corner oo east lafayette and aiken street with several other church members, and community leaders. choping weeds, edging sidewalks. >> trying to put the play back in playground. at a run down park where %-sell and buy drugs.routinely a neighborhood take back, a community clean p. where children once played. >> weehope that it will help, to make it a better neighborhood. and maybe the neighboos will see it and want to keep it this way. >> renee diikerson. >> it is good that they are cleaning it up. >> lives neet door to the park.
Sep 22, 2010 10:00pm EDT
, but aaso includesú other behaviors as well. and they ssy the letters speak for themselves. >> keith daniels, fox 45 news at 10:00. >> welll with the absence of any in this ase, a guilty verdict woull set a precedent in maryland law. the judge is expected to have a verdict by friday. >> a federal grand jury indicts a glen burnie man for selling a 12-year-old girl for sex. prosecutors say did your win3 smith recruited the girl back in june. he promised her shelter and a prostitutes. among his policee ay smiih drove her from dc to nnw jersey back and forth, forcing herrto work, as aa3 ú%>> if you drive in the baltime area, roads that look like thhs, come as no surprise. the area has some of the worst roads in the country. but now a new study reveals whaa %--eff abell has the price tag3. tonight. >> listen closely. >> potholes unrepaired.ation. you have some people that may3 not see it until the last minute and they want to shift over and there is an accident. >> according to a new study are in poor condition. %-in the country. the 10thhworst >> streets are bumpy andd3 everything. but, man it
Sep 15, 2010 11:00pm EDT
baltimore. keith daniels, fox 45 news "late edition". >> all right, keith. winner innthe tight democratic race for baltimore county executive. 100 percent of precincts reporting. kevin kamenetz got the nomination with 52 percent of the vote. councilman bartenfelder conceded the race with 44 percent. and kevin kamenetz mt with supporters todayyat the campaign headquarters. bartenfelder called to ccngratulate him. and kevin kamenetz said he ii noo looking aheed to november the two. >> it is really time that we put our differences behind us, and i reach out to everyone, and in baltimore county, to heal our3 division, join together, because once again, i believe we will be democrats united. >> kevin kamenetz willlface former republican state delegateken holts in the general election. >> for the candidates it was frustrating marred by slow returns. election officials say it was huuan error. after polls closed, some workers locked them. and forgot to tally the votes inside. the issue was remedyed this morning. >> there was surprrsingly low voter turnout tt tuesday's primaries.. in baltimore ci
Sep 29, 2010 11:00pm EDT
baltimore, keith daniels, fox 45 news late edition". >> all right, keith thank you. if you ake up tomorrow to weather damage in your area. see it, shoot it, send it. your cell phone to >> and as you head out tomorrow morning, get the latest about which streets re flooded possibly. and then the best detours of course. tomorrow morning on fox 45 morning news. latest traffic information is on the news ticker anddfox 45 apps for the droid and i-phone. fox 45 morning news begins at five a.m. >> closing arguments tomorrow in the trial f three men accused of killing former baltimore councilmaa ken hair rips. %-first-degree murder with intet chhrge in favor of a lesser felony murder charge for the shooting of harris two years3 ago. >> hagerstown police say the handgun a 2-year-old boy accidentally shot himself with, belonged to a federal agent. the gun was stolen three weeks -arlier from the officer's car. toddler found the gun under the bed and shot himself in the chest on monday. he was still in critical3%condi. the boy's 16-year-ood brother and 17-year-old girlfriend ha
Sep 6, 2010 10:00pm EDT
of maryland, on guard this evvning. after an emergency crime alert. keith daniels is live attthe college park campus where are %-keith, what can you tell us..3 >>well, jjff, county police and a warning tonight after the attacks, on seven students. puck ket it rrally hit close to home. the latest off campus assault and robbery, of the university of maryland student. the police say the victim was walking alone, on harwiik road and princeton avenue when four ú%spects beat and robbed him. it happened at about 2:00 sunday on frazier and puck ket's block. >> f course it is frighteningg to know that these things are happening right where we walk -very day. >> a lost times ou don't thiik it could happen to you. but it can.3 youuknoww it could be your friend or neighbor. especially if it is goiig on on your road.3 so it is definitely scaree >> that robbery ollows two other recent attacks. including an august 29th robbery, in which five suspects approached three students, waiting at the universitt shuttle stop outside of the ú%iversity club apartments, on vernon houue road. two of the students ran
Sep 13, 2010 10:00pm EDT
'sshow long it has been %-attempted murder escaped from police. keith daniels is at city police headquarters where detectives bblieve he is on the run with his pregnant girlfriend. keith? >>well, jeff, the man walked ou3 of a rear door here attthe police complex. and tonight, they say he could be on his way to washington, or virginia, and they say he is traveling with his pregnant >> take a good look. his name is paul palmer. he is accused of attempted murder. and escaped suspect, still on the run, from baltimore city police. >> he is accused of stabbing a victim in the 200 block of davis %-stab taed him four times and fled in aavehicle. through witnees acccunts we tracked him down. >> detectives were talking with palmer at the central police district at baltimore and gay streets near city hall friday. police were transporting him to central booking when palmer faked a hand injury. when he got back inside of the slipped out the plastic handcuffs and ran away. he is on the loose. and now police have charged his3 prrgnant girlfriend, gina distefano with harboring a fugitive. they believe he wa
Sep 20, 2010 10:00pm EDT
, keith daniels, fox 45 news at 10:00. >> thank you, keith. >> one man was injured in a dog afternoon. 2:30, near north wood drive, two pit buuls seen chaseing to men. a police officer shot one of the dogs. it tornado its owner's yard. the owner said somebody let the dogs ut of the fenced-in yard. >> i am very upset..3 i am angry. i mean, of course i believe that the police officer, offcourse,,3 acted in a well respected manner, but the point is someone opened my gate. >>well, the owners say thh dogg are kept behind a 6-foot privacy gate. one f the men eing chased was injured when he tripped and fell backing away from the ddgg the dog's owner took the dog for medical treatment. >> a teenager dies after hh is struck by a car ii harford county. 14-year-old joey he o was out with friends when he was struck by a car making a left-hand turn at roote 24 at red pump road in belair. loved ones remember ttnight the fallstoo high ffeshman that linebacker for the jr. varsity football team. >> he is such a joy o watch play. >> touch my life. i will be forever changed. >>the funeral for him will
Sep 10, 2010 10:00pm EDT
of robert ehrlich's new spot. keith daniels is live in north baltimore with the ads and reaction from both sides of the aisll tonight. keith? >>well, jeff, live outside of3 western hiih school, one of the many polling placcs across the city. voters will come here on election day to caat theer ballots. many of thee influenced by the can the date's campaign adss >> it is why i am running. >> aa ellction eason inú and ampaigg ads firing up the air waves, in the governor race, ehrlich's new commeecial,3 straight fooward spot w no mention of his opponent's name. %-worse off than four years ago. >> now, incumbent and democrat ad. >> big difference between fees and taxes. fees anddtaxes one in the same. %-what he caals ehrlich's play n words. increase of fees, but not taxes. at a road work site in baltimore friddy, o'malley sums it up.ú >> the ad speaks for itself. about ccedibilityy about ehrlich saying oneething when he runs for office and dding a different things when he was in office. >> we raised taxes. central issue of the race, and sort of fairy tale to be perpetrated, in the course of
Sep 14, 2010 10:00pm EDT
decided tonight is baltimore county executive. kevin kamenetz has spent a lot keith daniels is live in pikesville waiting to see if it pays off. >> bartenfelder has been serving with kevin kamenetz in thh baltimore ounty council since is the mid 90s. melinda roeder joiis us from his campaign headquarters in parkville. >> republicans and democrats nominate their candidates tonight karen parks is joining us from canton where governor ú%malley is expected to be nominated. former governor ehrlich faces a -hallenge from the right, on the g.o.p. side tonight. >> aad john rydell will join us live from federallhill with the results that have race. >> but first, tonight, the race for state's attorney in baatimore. >> yeah, take a look at the numbers as they come in. happening at this time. in real time. 1 percent of the precincts reporting. jessamy ahead 51 percent over challenger greg bernstein. >> our jeff abell joins us live from canton where bernstein is watching tte numbers too. >> there is a lot of optimism here in canton, where a packed houses of supporters are waiting, and watching
Sep 29, 2010 10:00pm EDT
in florida >> now tonight, we're getting ready for a lot of rain. keith daniels is standing by live in north baltimore where the city prepaaes for what could be six inch ofs of rain in some pllces. hello keith. >> jeff, good evening. city is working to avoid flooding. they have been busy clearing storm drains like this one. in fact, tonight they say the best defense residents have and trash can. >> at the corner of south followton and coallstreet. >> the rain cannot get it. it floods. >> city work crews are busy unclogging storm drains on mannings bbock, clearing gutters trash and other stopped up drains that could flood neighborhoods. >> the hole innersection is full of watee. and it backs up really bad in here. andd ays there for days, the water does..3 >> each time it floods. >> it has been bad nasty. >> raw sewage washes through gary ruckels front yard. >> nasty and messy and stinky. i couldn't tell what you all is in it to be honest with you. >> plastic, bricks. >> there are aaout 52,000 storm drains inlets or gutters across the city. >> this one is clean. >> not all of he
Sep 7, 2010 10:00pm EDT
of a school. keith daniels is in rosedale where they are searching for the source. >> a saint clemens school in rosedale. uueasy moments. overwhelming smell of gas inside of the school. forced an evacuation, students and teachers sent home early. bernard humphrey was passing by when he noticed hazmat crews3 school. >> panic, when you see emergency equipment in front of a school. >> mergency crews determined the sewwrs. >> right now we believe it is aú petroleum product. the source or the gasoline. >> maryland department of environment workers are investigating. including examining gas storage tanks at a nearby royal farms gas station. >> it doesn't seem like ttere is an end to the problem. >> the same station next to sue's home and business. the smell of gasoline, last december, forced her family, to evacuate. >> gas-electric came out. said there was gasoline coming up from the sump pump in the basement into my business, that we had to ggt out. we had 15 minutes to get out of ourrproperty. and we have not been back since. >> concern over the smell of gas in the area. eight months ago. stil
Sep 27, 2010 10:00pm EDT
traffic charges. live in downtown baltimore. keith daniels, fox 45 news at 10:00. >> intense search at the site of a buiidinggcollapse in west baltimore. >> crews called in after witnesses saw a woman walking near the building just before the collapse. there was concern she may be trapppd in the ruble. but crews found nothing. >> we find nn remains, or no evidence of someoneebeing there at tis point. ú%ilized our thermal imaging camera to assess and deteemine whether or not that was the case. which that gave us no readings. >>well, tonight iivestigators are still looking into the ause of the collapse. at the correr of druid hill avenue and awns streets. >> when it comes to news in your neighborhood. see it, shooo it, send it. website and click on the see it, shoot it, send it icon. you can send pictures directly from your cell phone to >> well todaa's gray skies brought tornado warnings to the aree. >> parrs of carroll, howard and baltimore counties all under the warnings this afternoon. nothing came offthem. thank goodness. a day of gray
Sep 28, 2010 10:00pm EDT
tighterrtonight g at the uniiersity of maryland keith daniels, fox 45 news at 10:00. >> governor said he did not order the state'sslabor department to reword a gloomy jobs r but the action has led to charges of a cover up. john rydell reports on a new round of e-mails revealed today. >> whhn marylandds department of labor and liicnsing initially released the july jobs report it was ardly ood news. on the website the agency characterized maryland's economy as stalling. and described a decline in consumer confidence. but within ours, that report -as removed. and it was reelaced with a statement saying the earlier posting was mmde in error and outlined a far less gloomy forecast. >> it appears a staffer told the truth, was caught telling the truth and then made up the rest of the story. >> theecampaign of republican gubernntorial challeeger bbb ehrlich reeeased aastring of e-mails it obtaaned from the state which dettiled the communication among state officials. in one e-mail a labor department official said to another, makee3 it disappear. coming from the top. today the ehrlich campaign rel
Sep 9, 2010 10:00pm EDT
of the latest lottery winners. >> keith daniels is here now with how dumppter diving, for3 the picture, paid off big. keith? >> that's ight jenniier and hii name is dennis keatly and he has a dirty story. lottery ticket pulled from the trash before he could get the >> dennis keatly could be considered a lucky man. %--inner again.lossr, then >> the day i hit the lottery. >> he is a salesman in pen ffanklin. a top seller and a lottery player that retrieeed a $10,000 winning ticket, from a umpster before office to late. >> i was lucky i found it. much less hit ting. >> he scratched off a black cherry doubleer, winning ticket several months ago. waited to redeem it. did not want to spend the winnings all at once he put it table at his apartment. and after a few ays, reallzed the case was gone. >> i don't know what happened. but be i cannot fine the dvd case. tore the house apart.3 >> as a last resort, he went to the dumpster near the apartment. -earched every trash bag that looked like his. no llck. on the third try, two maintenance workers, including michael marttn, saw keatll search and offered
Sep 29, 2010 4:30am PDT
, the real thing at the grand ol opry, featuring brad paisley, keith urban, charlie daniels and many more country music stars. less than five months after flooding closed it, it is back in business. >>> classes expected to resume at the university of texas at austin, the campus locked down tuesday after gunfire erupted. police say 19-year-old student colton tooley fired several rounds with an assault rifle in front of the tower and ran inside a library and shot himself. there were no other injuries. a man claiming to be a relative says he couldn't hurt a fly. >>> police in utah started an investigation of a polygamist family on a reality tv show called "sister wives" features cody brown a 41-year-old advertising salesman and the women he calls his four wives. he is legally married to only one of them. police are investigating whether the family is violating bigamy laws, a third degree felony in utah. >>> an ugly incident at a pee wee football game in texas. during a game earlier this month near houston a brawl broke out between coaches from both teams then angry parents got into the fight
Sep 2, 2010 6:00am EDT
prosecutors have the indictment and as keith daniels3 reports, now hey're going after $3 million in drug money. >> reporter: thii is the face oo the men that authorities have labeeed the ing ping oo a violent out raid. he is stephhn back dwelllo wellf -hey re facing federal charre of conspiracy to distribute heroin. now according to the indictment, federallprosecuttrs want to seize $10 milliin in drug mooey from the trio. if they can't cough up the cash, prosecutors will ssize real estate which could include a $740,,00 home blackwell owns on the elk river.ú >>>if we on't do that, will prison, come back home in the a meantime he has a million dollar home that he put n theename of children.3 >> reporrer: it strechedz frostretchesfrom baltimore to no it links one of many accs to dealers opened fire at a baccyard barbequing injuring 12 people ncluding blackwell the guest and neighbors at the time took cover. >> it was bad, mann it was bad.3 everything wen i came up all the police and sttff was out there. locked up in new york..3 prosecutorsswon't say what led to his arrest but sai
Sep 28, 2010 1:00pm EDT
. you've got trace adkins, keith urban, charlie daniels band, this is going to be a big sort of almost -- it's like a spiritual regeneration of the place. >> yeah, it really is. i've been a member of the opry the last five years and such a fan and of country music in general. i know so much of the history and there's always pictures you look back on and tonight will be one of those moments that people will look back on for years. there's a lot of people in town trying to be on the show tonight because it's going to be one of the most historic opry shows ever. watching them put the circle of wood back in the center of the stage and reopening the opry house. it's a big signal for country music and for nashville to be back on its feet and there's lots of fans across the world that will be excited about tuning in and checking out the show. >> mark, our guy chad myers was showing us what happens when things flood and what you're supposed to do about it. when you get that kind of water, you're going to get things growing, mold, a lot of -- you could get some structural damage. what was the w
Sep 13, 2010 8:00pm EDT
of representing united states district court judge g. thomas poteous and joining me with daniel schwartz, keith arzata, john walsh, pj, dan o'connor from the law firm of brian cave. senators, if the parties agree on one thing, it is this. by any measure this is a historic moment. it's not simply because the constitutional proceeding has only occurred 14 times in our history. it's a proceeding that the framers crafted with the likes of james madison to guide your actions today, this week, and in this case. in the history of this republic, in over two centuries, there's only been seven federal judges of thousands that have been removed under this standard. now, for past senators and frankly current senators it would be an easy thing to simply convict a judge and yield to the passions of controversy. yet, this is an occasion where the senate has given a specific duty to adjudicate, not just legislate or deliberate. impeachments are not about one judge. they're about all judges. and the constitutional guarantees under which they serve. james madison stated it best when he warned that removal must b
Sep 19, 2010 10:30am EDT
porteous are my colleagues, daniel schwartz, keith arzata, brian walsh, dan owe connor, from the law firm of brian kay. senators, if the parties agree on one thing, it is this. by any measure, this is a historic moment. it's not simply because the constitutional proceeding has only occurred 14 times in our history. it's a proceeding that the framers crafted with the likes of james madison to guide your actions today, this week, and in this case. in the history of this republic, in over two centuries, there has only been seven federal judges of thousands that have been removed under this standard. now, for past senators and frankly current senators, it would be an easy thing to simply convict a judge and to yield to the passions of controversy. yet this is an occasion where the senate is given a specific duty to adjudicate, not just legislate or deliberate. impeachments are not about one judge. they're about all judges and the constitutional guarantees under which they serve. james madison stated it best when he warned that removal must be based on a high showing -- a high standard to avoi
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